Administration of Jharkhand Forest

Secretariat of Forest and Environment Department, Jharkhand, Ranchi is situated in Nepal House, Doranda, Ranchi. Policy decision is done at secretariat level. Scheme formulation for development, conservation and growth of forests and wildlife; improvement of the living standard of villagers living adjoining it together with protection and monitoring of Water and Air from pollution is done under the guidance of government at secretariat level. Observance/ compliance of provisions of the different central and state Acts/Rules for development and conservation of forest and wildlife and protection of environment is ensured.

All important decisions are taken by state government through the minister, Forest and Environment. The management of this department is done by the Secretary, Forests and Environment (An officer of IAS cadre) in consultation with PCCF, Jharkhand, Ranchi and Jharkhand State Pollution Control Board. Forest Development Corporation is looking after Kendu leaves and other specified produce in the state.

Organization- Jharkhand Forest Department, Ranchi


1. DFO Direction and Administration
2. DFO S.F.(HQ) Ranchi

2. Pccf, Bio-Diversity Conservation And Chief Wildlife, Warden Jharkhand, Ranchi.
A. CCF Wild Life & Bio-Diversity, Jharkhand.
i. CF-Cum-FD, Elephand Project Jam’pur
ii. CF-Cum-FD, Tiger Project Palamua
iii. CF Buffer area Tiger Project, Dal’ganj.
iv. CF Core Area Tiger Proj. D’ganj
v. CF, WL Circle, Ranchi
1. WL Div. Ranchi
2. WL Div. Hazaribagh
iv. CF and Director, Bhagwan Birsha Munda Biological Park, Ranchi

3. PCCF- CUM Excu. Dir., Wasteland Dev., Board, Jharkhand. Ranchi
1. Dy, Director, HQ, Ranchi
I. APCCF, WFP. Ranchi
1.WFP Div. Daltonganj
2. WFP Div. Chaibasa
3. WFP Div. Ranchi (Old WFP, Hzb.)
4. WFP Div. Dumka


B. CCF & Pro. Dir. World Bank Project, Ranchi
i. CF, World Bank Project Ranchi (1)
ii. CF, World Bank Project Ranchi (2)
1. DCF, World Bank Project Ranchi

4>. PCCF, Personnel & Human Resources Dev. Jharkhand, Ranchi
i. CF & Director Forest Trg. School, Mahilong
ii. CF, Training And Human Resources Dev. Circle, Ranchi
1. DFO, Forest Training School, Hazaribagh

II. Add. PCCF, Working Plan Res., JFM & Monitoring , Jharkhand, Ranchi
C. CCF, JFM & MONI, Jharkhand, RANCHI

i. CF, SF, Plan., Evul. & Moni., Ranchi
1. DFO, Trb. Cell, Ran
2. SF, Plan. Moni. Div, Ran
III. APCCF, W.P & Res., Jharkhand., Ranchi
i. CF, Research Cir , Ranchi.
ii. CF & State Silviculturist, Jharkhand, Ranchi
iii. CF, Plantation Research. & Eval., Jharkhand Ranchi
iv. CF, FRS, Ranchi
v. CF W.P Cir. Ranchi
vi. CF W.P Cir , Hzb.
vii. CF. W.P Cir, C’basa
viii. CF. W.P Cir, D’ganj

IV. Add. PCCF Dev., Jharkhand
D. CCF, Dev. T.S.P. Jharkhand, Ranchi
i. CF, Planning, Ranchi.
E. CCF, Dev. Other plan Jharkhand., Ranchi.
1. DFO, Planning Mon. & Evel. Cell Ranchi

F. RCCF, Palamau,(D’ganj) i. Territorial CI, Ranchi
1. Ranchi east Divi.
2. Ranchi west Divi. Loh’daga
3. Gumla Div.
ii. SF & Afforestation CI, Ranchi
1. Ranchi Aff. Div
2. SF Div. Ranchi
3. SF Div. Simdega
iii. ST CI, Ranchi
1. Gumla ST Div.
2. Khunti Div.
3. Simdega Div.

G. RCCF, Palamau,(D’ganj) i. Western CI, Palamau
1.Garhwa (S) Divi.
2 Garhwa (N) Divi.
3.Daltonganj (N) Divi.
ii. ST CI, Palamu
1.Latehar ST Div.
2.Latehar Div.
iii. SF&Aff.CI, Palamu
1.Palamu Aff. Div.
2.Garhwa SF Div.

H. RCCF, Singhbum
i. Southern CI, Chaibasa

1.Saranda Divi.
2 Kolhan Divi.
3.Porahat Divi.
4.Chaibasa(S) Div.
ii. ST CI, Jamshedpur
1.Saranda ST Div.
2.Chaibasa ST Div.II
3.Saraikela Div.
4.Dhalbhum Div.
iii. S’bhum SF & Aff CI
1.S’bhum Aff. Div.
2.SF Div. Chaibasa
3.SF Div. Adityapur

I. RCCF, Hazaribagh
i. Hazaribagh Circle
1.Hazribagh west Div.
2 Chatra (S) Div.
3.Chatra (N) Div.
4.Koderma Div.
5.Hazaribagh West ST
ii. SF&Aff.CI, Hazaribagh
1.Chatra Aff. Div.
2.SF Div. H’bagh
3.H’bagh Aff. Div.
4.Koderma SF Div.
iii. Bokaro
1.Bokaro Div.
2.Dhanbad Div.
3.Ramgarh Div.
4.H’bagh East Div.

J. RCCF, Dumka
i. Santhal Pargana CI, Deo.
1.Deoghar Div.
2 SF Div. Deoghar
3.Giridih Aff. Div.
4.Giridih Div.
5.Jamtara Div.
ii. Dumka CI, Dumka
1.SF Div. Sahebganj
2.Dumka Div. Dumka
3.SF Div., Dumka
4.Godda Div.
5.Pakur Div.



Organization – Jharkhand State Forest Development Corporation

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