Welcome to Jharkhand forest

The state of Jharkhand has a unique relation with forest since ancient times. The word ‘Jharkhand’ connotes ‘area of land covered with forests’. Therefore, literally as well as symbolically, Jharkhand is associated with forests. Various ethnic groups such as Munda, Oraon, Ho, Santhal, Paharia, Chero, Birjea, Asura and other have influenced their ecosystems by varying practices of agro-pastoralism over the years. Traditionally, these indigenous people have symbiotic relations with forests. Local festivals like Sarhul and Karma are customarily related with worshipping of trees.

The state with a geographical area of 79,714 km² constitutes 2.42% of the country’s area. The total recorded forest area of the state is 23,605 km² which is 29.61% of the geographical area of the state. Of the total recorded forest area, Reserved Forests constitute 18.58%, Protected Forests 81.28%, and Unclassed Forests 0.14%. As per State of Forest Report of Forest Survey of India, forest cover in the state is 22,977 km² which is 28.82% of the state’s geographical area. The total forest and tree cover put together, it constitutes about 32.48% of the geographical area of the state against the national average of 23.81%.

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